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Discharge resistors

For certain applications capacitors and batteries have to be discharged from time to time. This may be for safety reasons or in order to do load testing. Discharge resistors made by FRIZLEN are available in several designs and allow a safe discharge process.

Fields of application

Discharge of capacitor packs in converters

In case of maintenance work at converters a previous discharging of capacitors may be mandatory. FRIZLEN´s discharge resistors allow a quick connection to the device and a safe handling. The resistor is designed according to customer specs in order to achieve a short discharging time while still keeping an acceptable surface temperature.

Example type series:
T300 | FDAZ

Picture shows device with connection cable, plug, connectors for voltmeter, load switch and handles.

Load resistors for battery testing

Adjustable load resistors of type series BW18-81 DC are applicable for battery load testing. Adjust the ohmic value in order to adjust the load by switching the step switch and the fine adjustment device. Different meters showing current or voltage can be ordered as option.

T400 | BW18-81

Specific voltage or higher continuous power available upon request.


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