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Drive technology

Drive technology is mostly about motors and frequency converters. Whether for lifts or conveyor belts, engines, crane or robot technology – the control of driving motors lies at the core of this industrial sector.

FRIZLEN resistors provide the necessary dynamic of movement: whether as a braking resistor in conjunction with a frequency converter, or as a  works in conjunction with a frequency converter or a series resistor working directly together with an electric motor – our resistors are your robust and high-performance partners when it comes to reliably controlling dynamics.

Controlled braking

In operating conditions where the motor acts as a generator (for example when driving downhill, lowering or braking), the generated energy must be discharged. This energy can be discharged by a chopper resistor or a braking resistor.
Your FRIZLEN contact partner or the Product Finder are there to help you select the right device.

Example series:
T600 | FGFT 31

Smooth start-up of slip-ring rotor motors

For slip ring motors, which are often used for large outputs, the starting current must be controlled in the start-up phase in order to guarantee a "smooth start-up." For this, starting and regulating resistors are used, which are short-circuited little by little as the motor speed increases.
For this task, FRIZLEN steel-grid fixed resistors or lamina-type fixed resistors are used, for which multiple resistors are integrated into a single device. Simply ask us, we are always keen to advise you on the optimum configuration of your starting resistor.

Example series:
T600 | FKE 31

Adjust speed

For DC motors, a voltage divider is partially implemented for speed control. Particularly suitable for this are the adjustable potentiometers or wire-wound variable resistors designed by FRIZLEN. Different series may be used depending on the installation and protection requirements.
Regardless of whether larger quantities or only one individual device is required, FRIZLEN manufactures and delivers your preferred device promptly, meeting your customer-specific needs at the same time.

Example series:
T200 | R 250

Emergency supply via battery-powered DC motors

In areas in which a permanent power supply must be ensured, battery-powered DC motors are often used. For start-up, starting resistors are used, which are sized as required. When the usual contactor for short-circuiting the resistor is not used for safety reasons, the resistor can be configured in such a way that the resistor can operate permanently together with the motor.

Example series:
T600 | FKE 31
Steel-grid resistor of series FKE 31 as starting resistor

Limit peak inrush currents

When switching on three-phase synchronous squirrel-cage motors directly, large amounts of inrush currents flow, which can cause the normal current to multiply. By using three-phase stator series resistors, this peak inrush current can be limited. With a single-phase stator series resistor and a squirrel-cage motor soft starter resistor, the starting torque can in turn be reduced. This use is often implemented for heat pumps in the domestic energy sector, for example.

Example series:
T600 | FKE 31
Steel-grid fixed resistor of series FKE 31 to limit peak inrush currents

Test controls using real loads

When developing control electronics, the different uses and load cases of the relevant device are checked with the help of real ohmic loads – and this often happens in dozens of test stands at the same time.

The adjustable load resistors by FRIZLEN cover a power spectrum of between 1.2 to 250 kW. Devices varying from series BW 18 to BWV 83 can be adjusted over a wide range of currents without any gaps and some, even continuously.

Example series:
T400 | BW 80 - BWV 83
Load resistors of series BW 80 to BWV 83 to test controls

Streamline output voltage in rectifiers

Capacitors are used in rectifiers to streamline the output voltage (also called the intermediate circuit voltage) in the direction of the consumer. Therefore, for six-pulse rectifier circuits, two capacitors in a row are often switched from a plus and minus potential to a 0 potential; these capacitors are designed for smaller operating voltages and are therefore more cost-effective.
Due to the minimal manufacturing variations of the capacitors, a potential drops in this circuit between the capacitors. Balancing resistors designed by FRIZLEN minimise this potential as a result of parallel connection with the capacitors.

Example series:
T100 | FZ
Tubular fixed resistor of series FZ as balancing resistor

Field rheostats for generators

In order to adjust the voltage of a shunt-wound generator, a so-called field rheostat is connected to the excitation circuit of the generator. This function can take an adjustable resistor. FRIZLEN slide resistors and potentiometers have been used in this function for many years.

Example series:
T200 | RG
Potentiometer of series RG as field rheostats


GYMD 160x80

T300 (Flat Resistors)
Ω value production range:
4,7 Ohm - 5,6 kOhm