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Wind energy

A key focus of wind energy use is reducing the cost of energy. We support our customer when it comes to reaching this goal by providing robust, economical resistors which meet your individual needs.

Thanks to a modular design, we can react individually to almost all customer requirements regarding protection class, dimensioning and mounting type. Moreover, we are able to supply devices with large outputs at reasonable rates.

Fields of application

Stabilise grid using FRT resistors

"Fault-ride-through" (FRT) resistors enable the energy production of a wind energy plant to be kept constant even in the case of temporary power failures. Today, the FRT feature is generally required by network operators. FRIZLEN FRT resistors , with a very high energy absorption capacity, provide support to manufacturers and operators of wind energy plants when meeting this requirement.

Example series:
| FE 3

Optional with 3mm steel-grid
resistors for a higher energy intake in the same space

Crowbar resistors minimise generator de-excitation

When de-exciting the magnetic field in the generator, very brief load peaks appear which can cause damage to the power electronics components. Moreover, high mechanical deceleration torques may result, which shorten the service life of mechanical components. FRIZLEN crowbar resistors minimise these load peaks effectively and in doing so, protect the equipment.

Example series:
| FKE 3

Supporting electro-mechanical pitch drives

For electro-mechanical pitch drives used to adjust the rotor blade position, the wind pressure generates a moment on the drive depending on the load. Depending on the direction of rotation, this moment can be supported by a FRIZLEN braking resistor .

Example series: T300 | GWMD

Filter voltage peaks for excellent grid quality

In addition to a high availability, the network operators expect a high-quality input voltage and frequency, without unwanted voltage peaks and frequencies. Fixed resistors in mains filters designed by FRIZLEN provide support to wind energy plant operators when achieving excellent grid quality standards.

Example series:
T100 | FZW



Tempering power electronics

In order to protect effectively the power electronics in the case of changing climatic conditions, the switchboard and components are often tempered in a targeted manner.
FRIZLEN heating resistors
in various forms and designs undertake this function.


Example series:
T300 | GLAD

Supplying nacelles using a winch drive

Service lifts with a winch drive are often used to transport material and people in the nacelle of the wind energy plant. For systems with a frequency converter control, FRIZLEN braking resistors are used.

Example series:
T600 | FGFK

Load resistors offset load peaks

In the case of wind energy plants, load peaks cannot be disconnected from the mains under certain circumstances. Here FRIZLEN load resistors are used to absorb the extra energy forms and therefore aid improvement of the grid quality.

Example series:
T400 | FSV 3


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