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Railway technology

Power electronics in railway technology is a very interesting area of electrotechnology due to the considerable energy quantities used in conjunction with the large moving masses.

FRIZLEN power resistors are used in both railway vehicles themselves and in the associated service and development area .

Starting pneumatic compressors in the vehicle

The pneumatic system in the railway vehicle supplies compressed air for operating the different systems – from the brakes to the doors. These key functions must be available in the event of a power failure; the system is therefore also set up for battery operation. FRIZLEN starting and regulating resistors ensure that the DC motor of the pneumatic compressor does not intake too much electric current when starting and that the motor field is set correctly.

Example series:
T300 | FDWZ



Slowing down railway vehicles

When slowing down railway vehicles, it is often the case that the accruing energy quantity can only be partially fed back into the grid, depending on the delay. Extra energy is converted into heat in large braking resistors with a high energy absorption capacity.
FRIZLEN steel-grid resistors perform this task.

Example series:
T600 | FGFL

Testing high-performance converters of railway vehicles

The inverters in trains, which are used to convert the mains voltage into on-board voltage, are serviced at regular intervals and are regularly tested under load conditions . FRIZLEN plans and manufactures load resistors for this special application in accordance with customer requirements and ideals.

Series: T400 | FSVR





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