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Production machines

The range of production machine uses is virtually inexhaustible, but some target variables always apply: maximum productivity at the required quality standard. Also necessary for this are, in particular, highly effective drives and non-stop process monitoring.

FRIZLEN resistors offer various possibilities for monitoring purposes; from the basic temperature to the FRIZLEN DC-Powerswitch, which makes the resistor more intrinsically safe. This means that excellent availability can be achieved even if the application is being operated over a longer period of time at its upper limit.

Administer controlled braking to slow down movement

In operating conditions in which the motor acts as a generator (e.g. when lowering or braking), the generated energy must be discharged. This energy can be discharged by a chopper resistor or a braking resistor .

When selecting the correct device, the Product Finder or your FRIZLEN contact partner is on hand to assist you.

Example series:
T300 | GWMD

Ensure production quality

As part of quality assurance – an integral element of production – power electronics are fully or randomly tested. Load resistors by FRIZLEN simulate the ohmic load and, in doing so, support a quality check under the most realistic conditions possible.

Example series:
T500 | FGFT 61


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