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Power electronics

Power electronics cover a whole range of functions. Whether in frequency converters, rectifiers, servo controllers or power supplies – only power electronics bring many electro-mechanical functions to life.

FRIZLEN is represented by a wide range of series – often by flat resistors and wire-wound, tubular resistors– in many applications in this sector.

Streamline output voltage in rectifiers

Capacitors are used in rectifiers to streamline the output voltage (also called the intermediate circuit voltage) in the direction of the load. In this way, multiple capacitors are often connected in a row, which are each designed for smaller operating voltages and are therefore more cost-effective.

Due to the minimal manufacturing variations of the capacitors, a potential drops in this circuit between the capacitors. Balancing resistors designed by FRIZLEN minimise this potential as a result of parallel connection with the capacitors.

Example series:
| FZ

Test power electronics using real loads

When developing control electronics , the different "use cases" of the relevant device are tested using real ohmic loads – and this often happens in dozens of test stands at the same time. The adjustable load resistors designed by FRIZLEN cover a power spectrum of up to 100kW and can be adjusted over a wide range of currents without any gaps and some, even continuously as a slide resistor .

Example series:
T400 | BW 80-83
T400 | SZL



Ensure production quality

As an integral element of production – power electronics are fully or randomly tested. Load resistors by FRIZLEN simulate the ohmic load and, in doing so, support a quality check under the most realistic conditions possible.

Example series:
T500 | FGFL 61



Check loading and unloading processes

When loading and unloading capacitive and inductive components or batteries, the running currents must be controlled to protect the components and loads. FRIZLEN current-limiting resistors undertake this protective function.

Example series: T100 |


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