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Crane and heavy-duty technology

Whether for light or extremely heavy loads – precision, speed and excellent availability are characteristics based on which crane manufacturers are evaluated.

As a highly-experienced partner in this sector, FRIZLEN knows the many different requirements of its customers. With their wide range of power resistors, FRIZLEN offers solutions for the most diverse range of needs; whether they are for indoor, outdoor or offshore use.

In addition to an adaptable standard product range of resistors, we also supply many customer-specific designs. Thanks to our flexible sheet metal production in-house, we can design and produce optimum cost and space-saving solutions for our customers.

Braking resistors for crane trolleys

Whether for tower cranes, bridge cranes, or gantry cranes– with weather protection for outdoor use or for a hall: FRIZLEN supplies braking resistors for almost every possible use in crane technology. Our power resistors reliably slow down drives of trolleys, hoisting units and slewing gear drive units, as well as cable drum drives.

In addition to our catalogue series, specially customised devices are also used frequently: By means of resistor combinations , we are able to implement customer-specific solutions – integrated into one unique device – which can supply several trolley drives at a time. In this way, we are able to raise weight potentials and cost savings together with the customer.

Example device:
FKSL resistor combination

Motor control resistors for slip ring motors

For slip ring motors, which are often used for large outputs, the starting current must be regulated in the start-up phase in order to guarantee a "smooth start-up." For this, starting and regulating resistors are used, which are short-circuited little by little as the motor speed increases.
For this task, FRIZLEN steel-grid fixed resistors or lamina-type fixed resistors are used, for which multiple resistors are integrated into a single device. Simply ask us; we are always keen to advise you on the optimum configuration of your starting resistor.

Example series:
T600 | FKE 3




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