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Mining & the oil and gas industry

In mining and oil and gas production, people and machines are exposed to the highest levels of stress. Extreme demands as a result of high pressure, severe vibration and heavy pollution: FRIZLEN power resistors gladly accept this challenge, whether on load or offshore.

Braking resistors for deep drilling

When drilling deep , one of the primary concerns is the rotary motion but also the lifting and lowering of the drill pipe is part of the business. To control the lowering of the extremely heavy device, FRIZLEN steel-grid resistors are often used: either as one-phase braking resistors for frequency converters or as three-phase load resistorsin order to support the diesel generator when braking.

Example series:
T600 | FS 3

Conveying technology for tunnel drilling

In addition to the drilling process, material removal is an integral part of tunnel drilling. FRIZLEN resistors have been used in this raw environment for many years as braking resistors in order to transport the extremely heavy burden material to the place of loading.

Example series:
T600 | FE 3



Load resistors on off-shore platforms

Offshore conveyor platforms generally have their own energy supply provided by gas or diesel generators. If these units are operated far below the nominal output, this can have negative implications for the durability of the unit.
Therefore, as a basic load FRIZLEN load resistors made of stainless steel are used.

Example series:
T400 | FSV 3




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