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Network technology

The distribution of electricity from the supplier to the consumer plays a decisive role in today's energy mix. Network expansion goes hand in hand with an increased decentralised production of electricity.

At the same time, network operators encounter enormous technical challenges to maintain network stability and keep the electricity supply and demand working in harmony.

FRIZLEN power resistors are installed in many areas of network technology to make a small, but nevertheless important contribution.

Fields of application

Earthing resistors in low-voltage networks

FRIZLEN earthing resistors are used to reduce the impact of earth faultson components involved in low-voltage networks.
In this way, the resistor limits the current that would flow through the star point of the generator or transformer to a maximum permissible amount. For this application, the series FA3 is often used as a steel-grid resistor in IP23 with continuous power output of up to 66KW. The available variant in stainless steel (optional) facilitates use in the maritime sector.

Example series:
T600 | FA 3

Damping relaxation oscillations

FRIZLEN protective resistors are used in relaxation oscillation damping to reduce relaxation oscillations on voltage transformers in the medium-voltage grid.
Relaxation oscillations in oscillating circuits from inductive and capacitive elements can be stimulated by switching operations or also lightning strikes . In the unfavourable case that these relaxation oscillations cause severe damage to the valuable switchboard, they must be reduced to a minimum.
FRIZLEN protective resistors, which are connected to the e-n auxiliary winding of voltage transformers, reduce the effective power to the oscillating circuit and minimise the relaxation oscillations effectively.

Example series:
T100 | FZA

Tempering switchboards

The control circuit of high-voltage switches must be maintained at a certain temperature level for trouble-free operation. FRIZLEN heat resistors perform this function cost-effectively and reliably.

Example series:




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