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Solar energy

Solar energy is becoming increasingly important in the overall energy mix – and in our daily lives even more: As well as small installations on roofs, more and more frequently, large-scale plants are being built on a greenfield site.

Plant operators are faced with enormous demands from network operators in order to guarantee excellent grid quality standards. FRIZLEN resistors make a small, but nevertheless important contribution at many points.

Filter voltage peaks

Inverters from large solar power systems feed power in the mW range into the grid. Here, network operators expect a certain voltage quality of the power fed in. FRIZLEN fixed resistors in voltage and flow filters eliminate unwanted voltage peaks in combination with inductive and capacitive components, whilst providing support to the system operators when delivering the required quality.

Example series: T600 |

Check open-circuit voltage

The open-circuit voltage of solar modules in large systems must be reduced to a low voltage level when starting up the system, i.e. when connecting the converter as a load. FRIZLEN load resistors provide support for this controlled reduction. In addition to steel-grid resistors with a high output, FRIZLEN also provides these resistors as compact combination devices with an intrinsically safe switch-off mechanism.

Example product: Combination device – FKFXS



Stabilise silicon production

At the start of the solar industry value-added chain, FRIZLEN power resistors support the production of silicon wafers. When remelting polycrystalline silicone into monocrystalline silicon, our resistors are used to achieve current limitation and voltage stabilisation .

Example series:
| FSV 3


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