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Power plant technology

Global energy demands are increasing continually and conventional power plants also have a role to play in the energy mix in addition to renewable energy forms. In this way, the topics of safety, environmental compatibility and efficiency are top priorities for energy suppliers.

For many years now, FRIZLEN has been represented in various applications of this sector by a wide range of products. Whether directly at the generator during energy production, in the safety systems of the power plant or in switchboards – FRIZLEN power resistors carry out their function reliably.

Fields of application

Field discharge resistor on pulse wheel of synchronous generators

The magnetic field of the pulse wheel (rotor) of a large synchronous generator is generally supplied by DC current. In the event of a trip, during which the generator is switched off, the magnetic field of the pulse wheel must be deenergised.
Field discharge resistors
, mostly with a low-ohmic design and a very high energy absorption capacity, carry out this function reliably.
On request, resistors can be configured for this application for operating voltages for up to 3 kV.

Example series:
T600 | FK 3

Motor control resistors for battery-powered DC motors

In emergency power supply units of power plants, battery-powered DC motors are often used, e.g. as a drive for emergency oil pumps. For start-up, motor control resistors are used, which are sized as required. When the usual contactor for short-circuiting the resistor is not used for safety reasons, the resistor can be configured in such a way that the resistor can operate permanently together with the motor.

Example series:
| FKE 31

Heating resistors for tempering switchboards

The control circuit of high-voltage switches must be maintained at a certain temperature level for trouble-free operation. FRIZLEN heat resistors perform this function cost-effectively and reliably.

Example series:


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