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Testing and laboratory technology

From just a few watts to several 100 kilowatts: The area of testing and laboratory technology encompasses a very broad power spectrum.
With a diverse product portfolio of laboratory and load resistors, FRIZLEN offers ideal solutions for virtually all applications.

The T400 product group includes load and testing resistors, for stationary and mobile operation, to be used in educational facilities, professional laboratory or testing environments or for on-site service use.

We would be glad to advise you on your special application and work with you to find the correct resistor in a suitable configuration.

Sliding resistors for labs, schools and universities

Electrical engineering is like most things in life: it can be best understood when you try it out for yourself.
FRIZLEN laboratory resistors facilitate testing on the object; this testing is conducted using all the necessary safety devices, simply because the safety of learners and instructors is our top priority. Of course, comprehensive training is always provided when working with electricity and voltage.

Example series:
T400 | SZL




Load resistors for power electronics testing with real loads

When developing control electronics , the different "use cases" of the relevant device are tested using real ohmic loads – and this often happens in dozens of test stands at the same time. The adjustable load resistors designed by FRIZLEN cover a power spectrum of up to 100kW and can be adjusted over a wide range of currents without any gaps and some, even continuously.

Example series:
T400 | BW 80-83



Load resistors for large battery testing

To test battery units, a range of different FRIZLEN load resistors are used depending on the unit output. These resistors can be equipped with customer-specific circuits. We manufacture your specific load resistor according to your specifications and gladly advise you on the optimum configuration of the device. Just give us a call!

Example series:
| FAVRM388

Load banks for testing back-up power supply units

In order to guarantee the availability of large back-up power supply units, regular tests are necessary. These tests are generally carried out under load in order to operate the unit under comparable conditions "as in the event of an emergency".

For this reason, FRIZLEN offers a wide range of load resistors. Whether as a single unit with an output of up to 250kW or as parallel connection of multiple devices to obtain the necessary power dissipation: FRIZLEN is your partner when it comes to burden your back-up power supply unit with the corresponding power dissipation.

Example series:
T400 | FSV 3


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