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Handling and robotics

The demands placed on production to make constant gains in productivity are enormous. In the same way, this also applies to handling devices and robots, which help to reduce cycle times as a result of faster movements.

FRIZLEN offers a wide range of resistors for this field of application. Particularly the flat resistors product group provides the ideal characteristics suited to the very limited installation space available in robots, with their compactdimensions and excellent energy absorption capacity.

For external attachment onto handling devices , FRIZLEN provides resistors with a high protection class of up to IP67.

Effectively slowing down robotic movements

Permanent start-up and slow-down signifies the highest stress levels for the drive systems. Whether control is effected by servo controllers or frequency converters, FRIZLEN braking resistors are well-equipped for the task.

Thanks to the varying profile dimensions, the flat resistors fit perfectly in the available installation space. By means of an optional temperature switch , the resistor limit range can be optimally used: If a borderline surface temperature is recorded, the controller can process the information and adapt the movement profile.

Example series:
T300 | GLAD


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