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Maritime and port technology

Whether in a rough coastal climate or for use on the high seas: Salt in the air and water presents all materials with a very special challenge.

FRIZLEN power resistors, especially in the steel-grid design, have faced this challenge for many years – on ships, at ports or other maritime locations.

Fields of application

Starting resistors for bow thruster drives

In large sea ships such as cruise liners or container ships, bow thrusters are used whose drives are configured during start-up using multi-level resistors. FRIZLEN starting and regulating resistors carry out this function after they have been accurately adapted together with the customer, based on the drive, and manufactured.
Simply get in touch with us – we would be glad to advise you about the correct configuration for your resistor.

Example series:
T600 | FSV 3



Braking resistors in unmanned transport systems

Today, the transport of containers in large transshipment terminals is frequently undertaken by unmanned transport systems. These unmanned transport systems feed their on-board supply system using their own diesel generator. The electrical hoisting drive for handling the container can be slowed down to a certain level by the diesel generator when lowering the container. If this level is exceeded, FRIZLEN braking resistors intervene to unload the generator during braking.

Example series:

Customized resistor type:
- stainless steel housing
- high power by cooling
  fan inside
- with PT100 temperature



Slowing down winch drives

Lifting and lowering heavy loads in a controlled manner but as quickly as possible - as wait times at ports are expensive: savings for the shipowner mean greater stress for the drives of the winches and port cranes . FRIZLEN braking resistors reliably carry out braking functions and in doing so, facilitate prompt loading and removal of freight.

Example series:
T600 | FS 3

in stainless steel



Potentiometers for dimming control panels

Robust technology is highly esteemed at sea. In this way, when it comes to lighting control panels, elaborate electronics are not used occasionally and simple solutions are implemented instead. FRIZLEN potentiometers gladly carry out this function; e.g. they adjust brightness, as well as the power or voltage levels in other applications.

Example series:
T200 | R40




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