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Machine tools

Few sectors cover such a broad spectrum as mechanical tool building – with regard to materials, forms and technologies. Almost all applications stand out for their absolute precision and ever-increasing production speeds.

FRIZLEN resistors are therefore used as braking resistors in combination with the frequency converter and in the power supply of machines.

Secure emergency off function

To implement a machine's emergency stop function, three-phase braking resistors are often used. These braking resistors work in direct combination with the motor. Therefore, the resistor is connected to a contactor in the three-phase circuit of the motor.

The motor windings are therefore short-circuited in a controlled manner using resistors. The objective of this extremely robust switch is to ensure braking action independent of the chopper unit of the DC intermediate circuit.

Example series:
T100 | FZDP

Administer controlled braking to slow down movement

In operating conditions in which the motor acts as a generator (e.g. when lowering or braking), the generated energy must be discharged. This energy can be discharged by a chopper resistor or a braking resistor .

When selecting the correct device, the Product Finder or your FRIZLEN contact partner is on hand to assist you.

Example series:
T300 | KWAD




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