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DC-Powerswitch monitors overloads and safely switches off the connected device.

These DC overload switches were developed to protect resistors from constant overloads and from too high peak loads. This can be caused by a false operational mode or by an short circuited alloyed chopper transistor.

The DC Powerswitch protects the brake resistor from overload and thermal damage - preventing a fire in the switching cabinet. It is easy to retrofit inside your cabinet by wiring it between VFD and braking resistor.  The Powerswitch is available for RMS currents up to 40A. In normal braking operation it´s able to withstand pulse loads 100-times higher than nominal load without switching-off. The adjusting screw allows you to meet the exact maximum current preventing unwanted switch-offs.

In case of a fault the switching-off is reported by potential-free N/O and N/C contacts. After a successful fault clearance the DC-Powerswitch can be switched on like a normal automatic fuse. 


  • magnetic and thermal overload protection
  • for pulse loads 100-times higher than nominal load
  • short circuit up to 5 kA, 1ms
  • 1,0 - 40 A rated current, DC1, adjustable
  • up to 850 V DC
  • for installation into a switch cabinet or a terminal box of a FRIZLEN power resistor
  • for intrinsically safe resistors
  • with signal contact
  • re-switchable after switch-off operation
  • with UL recognition

Connection cross section

Fine strandedConnection up to
Rated current:
max. AWG 8
FPS1.6-10: AWG14
FPS16: AWG12
FPS20-25: AWG10
FPS32-40: AWG8
Auxiliary current:
max. AWG 14
FPS1.6-40: AWG14

Contact ratings of the signal contact

  • 5 A / 24 VDC (DC11)
  • 10 A / 230 VAC (AC11)